Founded over a decade ago, Spyderlake Productions is the artistic release for its CEO and founder Spyder Lake. Beginning at a very young age, Spyder found his passion was in the arts. Particularly writing and playing music.

Writing was in him from the beginning. As he began learning the intricasies of the english language in elementary school, he began writing short stories and poetry. Since his humble beginnings, he has written 6 books. These titles include "Keeper of the Forest", "The Complete Guide to Timeshare", and a 4 book series titled "China in Pictures, Words and Video." He's now offering to help you format your books into epub, mobi or paperback and help you get them on the market,

He found guitar at the tender age of 12, and at the age of 20 started playing local clubs. After 10 years of the local scene it was off to Los Angelas where he attended the Guitar Institute of Technology and honed his playing skills. From there it was a long journey to his first and only album: Spyderlake  "A Home Without a Name."

Website design was only a short journey away, and after building,,, he turned his attention to this site, his newest. It should be noted that three of these sites are built using bluevoda from vodahost. He is now offering his knowledge in this field and would like to help with your internet edeavor.

Video design was his next project, acuminating his skills and offering you a look at his products on this site. He now offers a unique and artistic video design for the consumer on a budget. It should also be noted that EVERY video on this site was created and produced by Spyderlake Productions.

Spyder is also proud to announce his partnership with "Alien Invasion." An other worldly clothing, wall art, and accessories store.

For enquireys or a quote on any of the above services, please contact us.