A Canadian Wildlife Conservation Timeline


Banff National Park

Canada's first national park is established in Alberta, primarily for tourism and resource extraction.


Parks Canada

The world's first national park service is created. Originally named the Dominion Parks Branch, it would later be renamed to Parks Canada.


Migratory Birds

The Migratory Birds Convention Act is passed with regulations to protect migratory birds, their eggs, and their nests from hunting, trafficking and commercialization.


National Parks Act

Mining and drilling are banned within national park lands, launching a further shift in preservationist ideas.


Natural Habitats

The National Parks System Plan is conceived with an aim to protect an untouched sample of each of Canada's 39 natural spaces.


Ecological Integrity

Recreational development within protected lands is banned, beginning the transformation of Canada's national parks into the focused nature conservation lands that exist today.


Further Conservation

Regulations are expanded to further formalize the principle of ecological integrity within Canada's national parks.


MBCA Amendmendts

The Migratory Birds regulations are amended to increase penalties and bring it in line with the Canada Wildlife Act.


Species at Risk Act

The SARA is enacted to protect endangered or threatened organisms and their habitats. It also manages species which are not yet threatened, but whose existence or habitat is in jeopardy.


Wildlife Endangerment

As of 2018, a total of 502 species of animals were considered 'At Risk' or endangered within Canada. Efforts continue to preserve these threatened animals and their habitats.